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We are living in times that we have never seen before. Jesus is coming very soon. It is time to share our message with our community like never before. The teenagers and young people of our churches are taking initiatives during this time to engage in sharing and serving the community!  Bridge is excited to showcase the OAC (Oakwood Academic Center) high school students in serving the metro Detroit community!  Through select passion projects, the OAC aims to help people with needs in areas such as mental health, elderly care, ministry awareness, and basic necessities. They will have separate Instagram pages for each of these ministries that you can like and follow below.   

want to encourage all of Bridge to like, follow, and subscribe to these young peoples' social media accounts as they make an impact in this area! 


If you feel the call to help in this project please Donate at the link below:

OAC Instagram Links:



OAC Service Initiative Links:



Spreading awareness and providing education on mental health.  A service and resource that will help people struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses especially during this pandemic.





To mobilize youth to serve and bless our goldenagers. A service that will bring awareness specifically to the elderly by showcasing their struggles and needs. A service to improve their health physically, emotionally, and spiritually.





A non-profit group that is trying to bring awareness to different types of outreach programs and community projects.  A service that will identify certain ministries in the community and assist them with awareness via marketing, advertising, and content creation.





OAC Outreach is a group of high school students from the Oakwood Academic Center in Taylor, MI who are trying to help people in need. A service that will help people in a very practical way by reaching some very basic needs like blankets, socks, food, toiletries, etc.  

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